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Discussion Sunday: The Rise of Cellular Technology and Smart Devices

Discussion Sunday: The Rise of Cellular Technology and Smart Devices

The first cell phone was released in the year 1983, and since then, electronics and technology have come very far way and to a point where “invention” is a very common phenomenon. Every other person is trying to bring something new for the consumers and to offer more and more services to them. Right now, we all are carrying a mini PC in our hands and pockets which are so deeply rooted in our daily life, that people even start panicking when they misplace their smartphones even for some time.

However, everything was not as it is now and most of us have witnessed this revolution of smartphones as well as smart devices. The earlier phones that came in the beginning of this millennium were simple ones with basic calling and messaging feature and music player and some other apps.

But the main revolution in cellular technology began after Steve Jobs introduced iPhone in the year 2007. Till then people did not know the full potential of a phone and what a smart device can do. It was Jobs who brought the iPod features, a cellular device and an internet surfing device, all in one in the form of an iPhone.

Now the current devices are capable of solving a lot of your problems. One can easily find his or her locations, share location, plan a complete trip, book tables, and places etc. and what not.

According to a study, a person on an average picks up his or her smartphone around 1500 times in a week.  And why shouldn’t it be, all the things you would require through your day at in your pocket, And looking at the brighter side of the coin, it has made people a lot more aware and knowledgeable than they were before. Even entertainment is also available at fingertips. All you have to do it go to app store and search for anything like one of the best apps for movie fanatics and you can get the best apps right on your screen to start.

Also, the technology has not stopped at phones, but companies are now trying to turn everything into a smart device. Yes, the concept is not only limited to mobile phones, but people are converting the daily use machines and turning them into smart machines. By this almost most of our appliances are not only getting efficient and powerful mechanically but are also able to take self-decisions or orders from the users without any physical interaction and via the internet.

These smart devices have also reshaped the industries as well. It is very important for an organization to adapt to the new technologies in order to remain in the market. And one of the best examples of this is the current Banking industry. Banks have been able to offer all their facilities right at your smartphone. That means you can transfer and check everything you want right at your couch. No need to stand in line for hours in order to transfer cash or getting something updated.  The bank apps are also capable of making NFC spot payments directly from your bank account, and the best part is, you don’t even need your card for that.

The devices have got smarter health wise as well and the latest trend of smart devices could be seen in the form of smart wearables. Originally, smart wearables are made to make your life even easier. One can see all the body activities as well as phone notifications right on his watch. The smart watches not only show you the notifications but also allows you to reply to them.

Companies have already started working on prototypes of self-driving smart cars and the day is not far when we are going to have smart self-driving cars and other smart machines around us, hopefully making our life a lot safer and easier.